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Anthony Horowitz: One of the most prominent writers of children today who enjoy popular and prolific production. Has sold the Alex Rider series, is exceptionally successful, millions of copies worldwide. The Horowitz, he received numerous Joiz them; Nelson Award - Nielsen / Booseller Association in 2007 for the author, and the award for the world of children's books within British books for the 2006 awards, in his book Ark Angel, and the award for Red House Children's Books, in his book Skeleton key. The "Storm Bricker": The first task of the Alex Rider, has been converted into a movie has achieved a sweeping success starred as Alex Bahiawl, spy teenager Ripper, and also was Ewan McGregor and Bill Negi and spiritual Coltrane among senior representatives.

Type : Novels
Author : Anthony Horowitz
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ISBN : 978-9953-468-74-7
Edition : 1
Price : 8 $
Releasing Date : 01-01-2011